Home-staging With MOliver Interior Designs

When listing your home for sale, one of the most crucial parts of the process is appealing to the right buyer. In order to do so, you will want to make your home appear as attractive as possible to buyers. This is where the art of home-staging comes into play! 

What is Home-staging?

Home-staging is about showcasing an engaging, move-in ready home that creates an emotional connection with the buyer. This can involve neutralizing the space or bringing in furniture, art, and accessories. This enhances your home’s features to look its best and appeal to all senses. When done properly, buyers will be able to visualize their life in your home and immediately grasp the investment potential of the property.  

Hiring a professional to stage your home is well worth the investment. The team at MOliver Interior Designs know exactly how to prepare a house for sale and create that “wow” factor that buyers are looking for! 

About MOliver Interior Designs

Founder of MOliver Interior Designs, Michelle Oliver has spent twelve years building herself in the business. She started as a freelance styler and worked as a designer in a prestigious architecture firm with professionals at all levels. She saw a rising need from clients for interior design services, thus MOliver Interior Designs was born. Michelle used her sharply honed skills to create aesthetically pleasing spaces in the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries.

MOliver Interior Designs currently offers three levels of home-staging: soft staging, re-design staging, and virtual staging. Soft staging is recommended to homeowners who still live in the home or those with time constraints. It involves lightly neutralizing the home and working with existing decor to create a simple and elegant home.  Re-design staging can include construction and remodeling. This can result in a longer timeline. However, value is added to the property which is attractive to potential buyers. Virtual staging utilizes software to enhance a home without ever stepping foot in it! Photographs of the home are taken and then it is designed to suit the home’s staging needs.  This type of staging is convenient for those still living in their home and is budget-friendly. 

MOliver Interior Designs also offers turn-key design solutions! This is an ideal service for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and wants a hassle-free move in.

Why Staging Matters

Whether you are living in Belize, or relocating and purchasing your new home in Belize, the MOliver Team will take care of everything from concierge purchasing management, to handling remodeling plans, to staging and styling your new home. The aim is to do all the heavy-lifting so that homeowners can move in stress-free. Our team will tailor your home to suit your everyday needs and lifestyle.

A well staged home can emphasize a property’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Highlighting each space creates an appealing atmosphere for potential buyers. These directed efforts make an empty space into a home filled with life, and connects a buyer to your property. This is why home-staging is so important to the home selling process. 

MOliver Interior Designs is based in San Ignacio and works country-wide with local and international clients, you can reach them at (501)610-6621 or by email moliverinteriors@gmail.com.